Help Your Home Keep Its Cool This Summer

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Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Summer has officially arrived! And from the looks of some summer forecast, the weather is going to get hot. If you have not given thought to “summarizing” your home, it’s never too late. Here are a some summer home maintenance tips to help your home keep it’s cool this summer.

HVAC Maintenance:

Contact your HVAC company for a check up. Most visits include routine maintenance such as cleaning outdoor and indoor units. Also, a technician will check to make sure the drain is clear of any potential clogs. Also, this is a good time to change the filter. It is highly recommended to change the air filter at least once a month.

Roof and Gutters:

While the weather is nice outside, consider having the roof and gutters cleaned. While your thinking about the roof, this is a great time to have it inspected to discover any damage and get repairs made especially if you have had a lot of bad weather over the winter and spring.

Wood Deterioration:

Check around the outside of the home for any damage. Have any wood structures inspected and repaired for deterioration, rot or loose nails.

Look for Pests:

Walk the perimeter to inspect for signs of insects and pests and contact a contractor to repair accordingly.

Concrete Surfaces:

While walking the perimeter, check any asphalt or concrete surfaces for wear and tear. Promptly sealing and repairing is essential to avoiding more costly repairs down the road.

Being proactive with these summer home maintenance tips  are essential to keeping your home comfortable and safe. Sometimes it may make sense to do a home renovation in order to include many repairs and updates including implementing more energy efficient features. Now, rest easy and enjoy your home. And remember to contact me if your home needs updating. I’m here for you and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with new home purchases, construction, remodels, refinancing and more.

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