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Texas Mortgage Rates

If you are shopping for current mortgage rates in Texas, you want to find the best loan possible. Often, this means finding the lowest rate possible that generates the most affordable monthly payment. However, interest rates for Texas mortgages are affected by these factors:

  • credit scores
  • loan amount
  • property type
  • type of loan
  • and more

With knowledgable guidance, you will be able to find right type of mortgage in Texas for your needs.

Different Types of Loans Available

A mortgage is essentially a loan that is secured by your home. It may be used to buy the home or to refinance the home. There are two types of refinances:

  1. You can simply refinance the balance(s) of your current loan(s). 
  2. You can apply to take equity out of your home.

How much equity you can extract depends on loan guidelines, government regulations and your credit profile.

How the Term Length Affects Mortgages Rates

If you want to find the lowest interest rate possible, you may consider opting for a shorter term. The longer the term is on your mortgage, the higher the interest rate will be in most cases. Nonetheless, the term that you select can affect your mortgage payment.

For example, while a 30-year term may have a higher interest rate, the longer term may yield lower monthly mortgage payments. It is important to evaluate different rate quotes and monthly payment estimates. As a result, homebuyers will have the ability to determine the best option for their goals.

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When to Get a Fixed Versus Adjustable Rate

It is important to pay attention to whether your mortgage rate in Texas will be fixed or adjustable. An adjustable rate may changes once per year after a fixed period of time. With a fixed interest rate, the loan payment and rate will remain the same throughout the life of the loan. Generally, an adjustable rate is a smart idea if you plan to sell or refinance within a few years or if you expect interest rates to decrease within the next few years.

If you opt for an adjustable rate, pay close attention to the maximum rate and payment that the loan can adjust to. You should be able to afford a worst-case scenario. If not, it is safer to opt for a fixed rate loan.

Additional Questions About Texas Mortgage Rates?

Applying for a mortgage in Texas can seem complicated. There are some terms and concepts that you need to learn about and understand before you apply. However, once you understand more about the points discussed here, you will be able to make a more informed decision about which loan you should apply for. For more information or questions about mortgage rates in Texas, call Joel Richardson today at (512) 203-8244 or fill out our online contact form.

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