Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

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Timeless Remodeling Tips

Every year brings new design trends for home remodeling. Nevertheless,  here is some timeless advice about remodeling mistakes to avoid. As a homeowner, you want to make savvy design choices but a smart investment as well. Here are some remodeling mistakes that you can avoid before starting your renovation project:

Choosing Design without Considering Return on Investment:

Know what you are investing and make sure you understand how it will impact your homes resale value. It’s exciting to have a glamorous entry way, but keep in mind that this area will not experience the same return as an updated kitchen. When it comes to remodeling and renovation, the primary areas with the most return on investment includes kitchens and bathrooms.

Having no Plan or Budget:

Before shopping for those new cabinets, set a budget and create a detailed plan for your project. These steps will help you keep focused and manage for any unexpected expenses. Even the most experienced contractor may run in to unforeseen construction issues. If your contractor denies this ever happens to her/him, consider running the other way!

Lack of Patience:

In any large remodeling or construction projects there are likely to be delays due to unforeseen challenges.  Planning for delays by adding a couple of weeks to your timeline will minimize stress.

Consulting with Inexperienced Professionals:

Take time to select a reputable professional with experience. Visiting in person with a professional to discuss your project goals will help you to choose the right contractor and the right loan strategy for your project. One potential client, before finding me, went through an online lender that failed to understand Texas Home Equity nuances.  The client ended up with the wrong financing solution and short on cash for her project.

As an experienced mortgage lender, I have been able to assist with financing for many remodels, renovations and new construction projects. I gladly take the time needed to discuss your needs. This consultation is essential to finding the right financing strategy for your project. Whether you have structural or cosmetic updates needed for a new home, an existing home or even an investment property, there are different options to achieve your goals.

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