good luck wishes for house hunting in austin

House Hunting? Good Luck!

House hunting? Good luck! Especially on Friday the 13th! If there is a day that is sure to bring out some superstitions in many of us, it’s this one. As a matter of fact, 1 in 4 Americans is superstitious according to Gallup. Furthermore, today’s current housing market conditions (especially around Austin) make it feel like a little luck would go a long way.

Feeling Superstitious?

Superstitious beliefs are credulous beliefs in and/or reverence for the supernatural. No matter, many people have positive experiences with different rituals; even if they can’t always explain, they experience a phenomenon known as good luck. Understandably, whether it is knocking on wood or crossing your fingers, there is nothing wrong with have the confidence boost from these actions. So, no judgment here!

The concept of the 13th and Friday as unlucky is steeped in a combination of lore from past centuries. Furthermore, when it comes to house hunting, there is no shortage of superstitions or beliefs. Here are some of the superstitions around buying or moving in to a new home.

Home Buying Superstitions

  • In China, it is said to be good luck if you look for the number 8 somewhere in the list price.
  • Of course, many people think that 13 is unlucky. Alternatively, number seven is considered lucky.
  • Homes at the end of a t-intersection are considered in the practice of Feng Shui because energy called “chi” can come rushing towards the house from cars.

Home Selling Superstitions

  • Burying a statue of St. Joseph has been cited as a useful technique to help a property sell faster to the best buyer.
  • According to astrology, handling contracts during Mercury in Retrograde can be hampered because somehow this alignment can create chaos in communication.

Home Moving Superstitions

  • A US lore advises to never bring a broom from an old home as it brings bad luck. Better to buy a new broom and start with a clean sweep.
  • In India, Thursday is considered the best day to move in to your new home.
  • Some cultures also recommend “sage” for a new place. The smoke from the sage is thought to clear out any bad vibes.

Need More Luck? Get Pre-Approved.

Though not considered a superstition, doing your homework up front can help! As a matter of fact, preparation can go a long way to giving a buyer an advantage when it comes to making an offer. Here are some advantages:

  • Get pre-approved! Sellers and realtors will take buyers who are pre-qualified more seriously. Especially because it shows that the buyer is financially capable of following through on an offer.
  • The pre-approval process helps a buyer understand and establish a confident budget. In essence, this allows a buyer and realtor to get more focused around the best possible listings to match the buyers’ needs.
  • Finally, a pre-approval will help flag any potential challenges for a buyer that the buyer can then address and fix before proceeding with the next steps of house-hunting.

What Do You Need for a Pre-Approval?

A pre-approval can be accomplished fairly quickly if one is prepared. In particular, pull together the documentation needed for a pre-approval letter include: proof of assets and income, good credit, employment verification, and other types of documentation your lender may requirements. Got questions? By all means, feel free to connect for useful, free homebuyers tips. Without a doubt, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Let’s get you some luck you can count on!

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