The Student Loan Debt Hurdle to Homeownership

Smiling mixed race woman shuffling money out of her hand into the air portraying someone who is saving money on student loan debt.

The Student Loan Debt Hurdle to Homeownership

The Supreme Court to struck down Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness program. Understandably, many younger potential homebuyers may feel discouraged about their homebuying goals.

Agree or not with the program or decision, many young professionals could use a tool to help manage student loan debt more efficiently.  To that end, we are sharing information about an innovative program to do just that, LoanSense.

What is LoanSense?

LoanSense is an excellent program that helps student loan debt managment in three things: lower student loan payments, increase the homebuying budget and provide counseling on loan forgiveness programs.

In a nutshell, this program allows homebuyers with student debt to refinance their student loans into more affordable payments, which helps them with their debt-to-income ratios.

What will it cost me?

The program does cost. However, it is affordable, and most participants find that they save enough money from the counseling ideas on their student debt to more than cover the fees. Here is a YouTube case study video of how it worked for one attorney.

What is the Benefit?

This is an excellent tool to help a homebuyer over this typical hurdle by increasing their purchasing power. Ultimately, this gets them on the path to homeownership faster. As a partner with LoanSense, we are thrilled that we have this tool for our borrowers. We hope you find this helpful. Feel free to ask me anything about the program today!