Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Every year brings new design trends for home remodeling. Nevertheless,  here is some timeless advice about remodeling mistakes to avoid. As a homeowner, you want to make savvy design choices but a smart investment as well. Here are some remodeling mistakes that you can avoid before starting your renovation project: Choosing Design without Considering Return on Investment: […]

An Interest Rate That Saves Thousands over 7 Years

The 7-Year Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Can Save You Thousands How is it that some people leave money on the table with a low interest rate? Here is why: A lot of people think that when they purchase a home that they will be in it forever. The common mortgages, 15 and 30 year conventional loans seem to […]

What’s In Store for Mortgages with a Trump Win?

Presidential elections and mortgages. Market investors, before a Presidential election, hedge which candidate they think will win. This year, the market investors hedged a Clinton win with the Republicans to maintain the House of Representatives. What is the reaction with a Trump win? Investors react in a way that is typically not favorable for mortgage […]

Brexit: A Boost to US Commercial Real Estate?

May commercial real estate sales be increased by Brexit? Everyone is focused on how the UK’s exit from the European Union. In particular, how will affect the stock market or interest rates or the economy? But how will Brexit affect you as an agent and real estate? According to Suzanne Mulvee, director of research at […]

Property Taxes

Austin homeowners typically dread property taxes. For owners here in Texas, the counties just mailed the tax assessments. Most of our hearts skipped a beat as we reviewed the valuation. Face it: our property values are going up in Austin and most of the state and with that, so is your tax value and thus […]

Five Star Mortgage Professional

Grateful to be a Five Star Mortgage Professional! Five Star Mortgage Professional has recognized our team for a fourth consecutive year. Thank you to my clients and realtor, escrow and title partners!  This is validation of my mission to provide quality mortgage service to clients. Teamwork makes the dream work! Additionally, I am thankful for […]

Top 1% Mortgage Originator

Top 1% Mortgage Originator Recognition I have very exciting news to share: Mortgage Executive Magazine recently announced their 2018 list of The Nations Top 1% Mortgage Originators and I made the list for the 3rd consecutive year! I feel honored to be a 2018 Top Mortgage Originator. Analysts compose a list and evaluates thousands of […]

HomeStyle® Renovation Loan

HomeStyle® Renovation Loan can help you realize your ideal home whether you are remodeling in Texas or nationwide. This product rolls two loans into one – so you can repair, improve or create the house you desire. What are the advantages of a HomeStyle? During a home purchase or refinance, you might face the need for […]