4 Ways to Make Downsizing Easy

What is Driving the Downsizing Trend? Downsizing is a continuing trend. Some key reasons we see this continued trend include: empty-nesters as children graduate from high school or college; lifestyle demands for those desiring a more efficient and smaller home to lock and leave; and obviously the financial benefit of a decreased mortgage or rent […]

Reflections on a Wonderful 2018

2018 Was A Great Year! Reflecting back on 2018, I am so grateful to you, my clients, for your continued patronage of my business. By December 31, we will have helped over one hundred families secure financing for their dream homes and real estate investments this year. Looking at my numbers, most of my customers […]

Low to No Down Payment Options

The Down Payment Challenge Solved Undoubtedly, the burden of a downpayment can feel like a block to homeownership. In spite of this, I have good news! There are lending solutions available to help clear the way to your home purchase. What is a down payment? A down payment, a home buyer 101 term, is the […]

Investment Properties Tips

Make Investment Properties Easier with These Tips Investment properties can seem complicated. Even so, real estate investing can be an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio. These tips can help you navigate your way. Do your homework.  First and foremost, take time to map out your personal financial goals. In particular, you will need […]

Millennial Homebuyers: Top Concerns and Tips for Home Purchasing Success

After a steady increase in home prices, many millennial homebuyers feel discouraged by financial challenges when considering entering the housing market. This pressure is particularly heavy on millennial homebuyers, which has caused many to only stick to long-term rentals. In fact, Redfin recently found that over half of millennial homebuyers are concerned about having enough […]

Help Your Home Keep Its Cool This Summer

Summer Home Maintenance Tips Summer has officially arrived! And from the looks of some summer forecast, the weather is going to get hot. If you have not given thought to “summarizing” your home, it’s never too late. Here are a some summer home maintenance tips to help your home keep it’s cool this summer. HVAC […]

Helping Your Adult Child Buy A Home

A parent helping an adult child to purchase a home is a very common occurrence. Many factors go in to deciding if this is the right decision for your family. Once a family weighs the pros and cons and makes the decision to proceed, there are a number of ways parents can assist their children. […]

Renovation: The Key to Your Dream Home

Renovation may be the key to helping you own your dream home. If you are in Texas, and most certainly in Austin, you may find it frustrating. The real estate market is hotter than ever. As such, you are finding it challenging to find that perfect home at an affordable price. Well, don’t give up. […]